Fused Minerals

Fused Minerals

Fused Minerals

Fused mullite, Zircon – Mullite,

Fused Mullite is produced by the electric furnace fusion of alumina and high purity silica. The result is a needle-like alumina-silica grain that has low conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, and excellent resistance to deformation under load. Fused Mullite is used in applications such as refractories for glass and steel industries, as kiln furniture, in investment casting as shell building materials, in spark plug bodies, and many other applications.

Spinel is a high purity magnesia-alumina grains. This spinel is produced by fusing high purity magnesia and bauxite in an electric arc furnace.

Spinel will find use in refractory applications including cement and lime kiln linings, aluminium and magnesium metal contact, and in steel contact applications.



BFA - Brown fused Alumina,

A brown fused alumina product for refractory applications.

Typical Chemistry:

Al2O3 - 92.0% - +/- 3%

SiO2 - 3% - +/- 1.5%

TiO2 - 1.8% - +/- 1%

Fe2O3 - 2%

CaO - 3%

MgO - 3%

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