ALMIX is a ladle furnace slag conditioner comprising of a powder mixture containing metallic aluminium added into the ladle on completion of tapping. Top or Bottom purging with argon is recommended to assist mixing.

ALMIX is designed to reduce the FeO and MnO contained in the carryover slag from the EAF thereby upgrading slag composition to refining level and also to enhance slag fluidity. This ensure steel cleanliness and makes adjustment of steel chemistry with the Ferro Alloy more predictable, consistent.

ALMIX is added on completion of tapping at the rate depending on the volume of carryover slag.

They have a low melting point, high reactivity and show strong reducing and refining, especially desulfurizing, properties.

Their particular advantage is that they do not emit harmful substances, like fluorides, when being used. They contain a small amount of aluminium metal, which improves their reducing properties. This reduces the need to add primary aluminium and makes the steel production process more economical.

It prevents gas pick-up from the atmosphere.

Thanks to their fluxing properties the products can replace other fluxing agents, like bauxite or fluorite. The products can be used at all steel plants that have out of furnace steel processing equipment.

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