About Us

SEFCO is a professionally
managed fast growing ISO 9001 company promoted by the technocrats; headquarter in INDIA and serving to USA, EUROPE & worldwide.

SEFCO offers total refractory solution, excellent quality of colloidal silica and calcined refractory clay to investment casting foundries.
SEFCO is engaged in business of steel refining fluxes like calcium aluminates, slag conditioner, Synthetic slag, fondu cement, fused minerals & other value added minerals.
SEFCO is also in business of organic binder, which is used for partial replacement of bentonite and upgrade iron content in iron ore pelletization.
SEFCO is also engaged in exports of consumer products like cosmetic clay, cat litter and clay for moulding.


SEFCO is a professionally managed fast growing company promoted by the technocrats operating in the USA as well as in INDIA.

SEFCO offers total refractory solutions for INVESTMENT CASTING FOUNDRIES for US, Europe and India. SEFCO offers excellent quality of COLLOIDAL SILICA and Calcined Clay to investment casting industries.

SEFCO is engaged in export business of steel fluxes like Calcium aluminates, slag conditioners, synthetic slag, Fondu cement, fused minerals, neutral – basic ramming mass & other value added minerals.

SEFCO is also engaged in exports of consumer products like cosmetic clay, cat litter and clay for moulding.

SEFCO offers services to its customer for zero industrial waste and provides solutions for close loop cycle.

SEFCO also exports excellent quality of TCCA (approved by EPA, USA) as a cleaning agent for storage water bodies, swimming pools, this is how we cater hotel industries.

SEFCO is engaged in export business of chemicals, dyes, pigments, intermediates, food colours, drug and cosmetics colours (DNC, FDNC), Pharmaceuticals colours approved by FDA, USA..


SEFCO is aware of its social responsibilities and shares its concern on the deteriorating environment. Not to burden on the greener world, all the processes are ensured of its environment friendliness

SEFCO recycles waste minerals and by doing so it saves the energy. This is how in a long run conserving the energy and save resources. By using industrial waste instead of land filling SEFCO also prevents land deterioration.



SEFCO is a quality conscious organization. Our motto is to supply “Highest quality of the product” with the modern manufacturing facility.

We also have adopted ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) and acquired the certification for the same.


The promoters of the company are a team of technocrats. The team is having rich experience in this line of business spanning more than two decade and also having experience of steel industries, aluminium industries, ferro-alloy industries and refractory industry.

The management is strengthened and supported by an able business development team possessing vast experience in providing customised solutions.

R & D

SEFCO’s R & D team has developed certain products from industrial waste through its R&D

By doing so SEFCO does it's responsility to keep the environment green.


SEFCO have a plan to work hand in hand with its customers to provide value-added products as a responsible corporate organization.


SEFCO understand how to process metallurgical waste. Our company specialises in processing aluminium production waste in the form of slag, white and black dross. “zero waste” technology for processing aluminium dross

Our offer includes metallurgical waste processing services. We have our own equipment and machinery for briquetting, granulation, grinding and sorting dross and other waste. We have been successfully providing customised grinding services for foreign customers.

Other services

Material crushing and grinding (including very hard materials) according to customer specification, with any grain size

Refining and sorting waste and fine material into fractions according to grain size and chemical composition

Grain classification

Briquetting and granulating

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